#UnlockingYou Project @ UK

10-Day Experiential Study Tour

ACS Jakarta Experiential Study Tour at United Kingdom

An inspiring video of 10 days journey in London, Oxford and Cambridge, which not only trains ACS Jakarta students about responsibility, solidarity and independence, but also providing opportunity for them to find their true passion.

On September 2017, Vooya collaborated with ACS Jakarta in a journey called #UnlockingYou Project @ UK. Students embarked on this unforgettable quest to discover their true passion and explored UK most prestigious universities.

During the 10 days of the journey, the Vooyagers get to try multiple hands on learning activities, such as mock trial at Royal Courts of Justice, experiencing the work of CSI Forensics, exploring the magnificent Cambridge University, and many more. Trying out those rewarding activities, become the starting point for Vooyagers to dig deeper about their true selves.

Vooyagers Graduation Day

One week after the journey end, there was a graduation held for the Vooyagers. The graduation, which was also attended by the parents, became the special moment to share the wonderful experience and lessons learnt from the journey; through Steller Presentation.

Not only that, but report, which contains the Voyagers passion and potential assessment; certificates, and badges, were also distributed during the graduation. The event was ended with a presentation from British Council which discussed about studying and living in UK.

Our Beautiful Memories

Designed with passion and creativity, My Daring Adventure Blackbox contains the best captured moments during the journey.

With this, your friends and loved one wouldn’t need to imagine your stories, laughters, and tears of joy throughout the trip. As a bonus, this photo album will help to keep your memories forever.

Get this special My Daring Adventure BlackBox Photo Album only at Rp 888,888.

You will get exclusive BlackBox Photo Album, with elegant design and printed at fancy paper plus a CD full with all your personal photos taken during your journey in London. Contact your Vooya Mentor for the detail info.

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